The Eloquence Club has held its monthly meeting for the months of April and May 2019.

The club which is owned by the School of eloquence, a school for specifically training people on public speaking, holds its meeting every month and all alumni of the school come together, to practice and perfect the art and skill of public speaking as well as also get feedback from other members, so as to know the areas that needs to be brushed up or receive commendation.

It is the coming together as a community no matter how small to network, communicate and also ensure that everything learnt in the master class is being put into practice.

At the April’s edition of the meeting, four of the alumni were given topics to talk about. They include Aisha Askira,Denis Isong, Mr Kolawole and Mrs Magdalene Omole.

Speaking at the event, Aisha Askira, an alumna of the school, made a presentation on the power of knowledge, where she stated that the only gift one can give himself or herself is the ability to seek for knowledge as knowledge is acquired by learning, discovering who we are and also self-opportunities. “We learn to create awareness on what the world is going through so as to know how to adapt. We learn, unlearn and relearn in other to acquire knowledge”, Aisha added.

Denis Isong, a real estate personnel and an alumnus of the school, made his presentation and enlightened other members on the dangers of buying a property close to a refinery, telling everyone clearly to know the landmark close to the property before making payments as those properties close to refineries do not appreciate as propagated.
Mr Kolawole, a politician, accountant and an alumnus of the school said in his presentation that, “As a politician, you are more or less a servant and not a leader because you serve the people and give them what they want by attending to their needs as a society thereby making the society a better place for all”. He added that people see politics and politicians as a dirty game and dirty people respectively because of the wrong things people do. “We all cannot actually be politicians but if you have the mind and good plans for the people, I urge you to come out and let’s move our nation forward”, Kolawole added.

He stated further described politics as a situation where by individuals take up the responsibility of mapping out a plan to attend to the need of members of the society and not a dirty game adding that only a few number of people who are politicians that do dirty things thereby making politics and politicians in general dirty and everyone could be a detergent that turns situation of things from bad to good, thereby preventing mediocres from ruling us.
The presentation on the power of education by an educator and alumna of the school, Mrs Omole wasn’t left out. Omole made us know that education remains the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world as it creates knowledge, bridges the gap of inequality and eliminates the gender gap. “Education makes you powerful, gives you the ability to give influence and brings you to the limelight because it wields so much power and influence. Hence, no child should be denied education so that they can change their own life, that of the people around them and the world in general”, Omole said.

The dean of the school of eloquence, Ubong Essien, CSP, gave comments on the performance of each presenter, to enable them work on their flaws, as well as brush them up in other for them to be better speakers, emphasizing on the importance of having a game plan and sticking to it as the opening of the speech remains what will determine if the audience will remain glued to the speaker till the end of the presentation or just get distracted somewhere along the line.

Other members stated their expectations before they attended the school of eloquence compared to their experience after attending the school, all of which were positive without exception and also saw the club as a platform to consistently practice public speaking.

In May’s edition of the club meeting, the Dean stated that the essence of the regular club meeting is to keep members going till their speaking gets to the level where it becomes comfortable and relaxed.

Four speakers as usual were given a chance to make a presentation on various topics given to them, putting their public speaking skill into practice. They include Orakwe Nwaobi, Remi Coker, Taiwo Mausi and Engr Kesha.
An alumnus of the school, Orakwe Nwaobi, a media practitioner with past experience in public relations, made his presentation on the “Redeeming might of the feminine” where he stated that we all need to identify our responsibility and purpose and also get to it. He said that in his career as a broadcaster, he has been privileged to produce radio programs and one that stands out amongst them all is the feminine values, created with the intention of unearthing the true values of a woman.

Orakwe described femininity as the taste of a woman that calls out the self-respect and gentleness of a man. It unleashes the power of competitiveness in a man and makes him feel like storming in heavens, has the silent pervasive influence that contains a limitless might with which a woman influences past, present and future generations, he added.

“Femininity is also a bridge that makes it possible for babies to come to this part of the world. That is why they say the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world and when you educate a woman, you educate a nation and humanity”, Orakwe said.

Remi Coker, a legal practitioner, human rights activist and an alumna of the school also spoke on spoke on the topic “Human Rights and Justice and in the course of the presentation, she stated clearly that rights are not a reward for good behaviour, as every individual is entitled to his or her rights no matter who you are and where you come from and is not country specific. She said that the International community recognizes the santity of human rights and that every Nigerian citizen can enforce his or her rights on Chapter 4 of the 1999 constitution, amended in 2011.
Justice was done to the topic “Financial stability” presented by Mr Taiwo ausi, a chartered accountant and also an alumnus of the school and he opened the presentation by saying people understand the fact that poverty is not natural, hence, it can be overcome by our personal actions.

“Financial instability occurs when your income cannot take care of your expenses. The ability to merge your income and expenses together, to create a balance and prevent one from being more than the other is called financial stability”, Taiwo said.

Taiwo further added that to create a financial stability, one needs to look for how to have a stream of income by creating savings, invest in real estate, online businesses like bitcoins and the rest of them.
The presentation on the “Role of Emotional Abuse in Intimate Relationship” By Engr Kesha, also an alumna of the school, wasn’t left out as Kesha confidently spoke about intimate relationship, being an interpersonal relationship between 2 people. It involves physical and emotional intimacy and she defined emotional abuse as any abuse that is emotional in nature and includes constant usage of abusive words and criticism on the partner.
“It is something that is being perpetrated with the major aim of undermining the other person’s mental health and bringing down the self-esteem”, Kesha added.

The club meeting for the month of May, was closed by an official presentation of the National Speakers Association (NSA) certificate to Mrs Magdalene Omole, a new member of NSA, by the Dean of School, Ubong Essien, who is also a certified speaking professional. The Dean spoke saying that the goal of this whole thing, both the Eloquence club and membership in the NSA, is to grow your speaking skills.

Ubong said that the members are improving greatly and they are now able to tell what is meant to be in a good public speaking speech or presentation and what is not meant to be in it.

He encouraged members and speakers generally to increase the use of gestures, especially when the speaker is tensed.

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