Our Core Values are reflected in this tripod: COMMUNICATION as our Focus *
* COMMUNITY as our Anchor
 * CONTINUITY as our Driver

About Eloquence club

As envisioned and founded by Ubong Essien, CSP, Dean, School of Eloquence and West Africa’s 1st Certified Speaking Professional and borne out of increased demand for post-training and post-coaching support of the alums of the School of Eloquence.

The Eloquence Club is an alumni COMMUNITY of the School of Eloquence who get together monthly in CONTINUITY of the advancement of their COMMUNICATION skills  in a socially interactive learning environment with the informed application of the principles

No matter what type of speaking challenges you have, we can help you SPEAK WITH POWER today!

Press Release: School Of Eloquence Launches Monthly Eloquence Club

The Eloquence Club has held its monthly meeting for the month of April, 2019.

The club which is owned by the School of eloquence, a school for specifically training people on public speaking, holds its meeting every month and all alumni of the school come together, to practice and perfect the art and skill of public speaking as well as also get feedback from other members, so as to know the areas that needs to be brushed up or receive commendation.

It is the coming together as a community no matter how small to network, communicate and also ensure that everything learnt in the School of Eloquence monthly master class is being put into practice.


I am excited to be among The Eloquence Club. It has been an exciting avenue where I developed my skill in Public Speaking
Tosin Ibikunle

Tosin Ibikunle

- Banker
“I derived the importance of being able to communicate effectively.”
Tennyson Ootughian

Tennyson Ootughian

- Drilling Engineer
“ The Eloquence Club is an ideal forum that I love to be part of  ”
Dele Bayo Osibo

Dele Bayo Osibo

- IT Expert

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