about the club
about eloquence club

As Envisioned by Ubong Essien, CSP, Dean, School of Eloquence and West Africa’s 1st Certified Speaking Professional and borne out of increased demand for post-training and post-coaching support of the alums of the School of Eloquence.

 The Eloquence Club is an alumni COMMUNITY of the School of Eloquence who get together monthly in CONTINUITY of the advancement of their COMMUNICATION skills in a socially interactive learning environment with the informed application of the principles learnt from the School of Eloquence “Speak With Power” Programme.

The Eloquence Club is our post-training support mechanism to keep your public speaking improvement sustainably on track, especially after attending the School of Eloquence 2-Day Public Speaking Master Class. It was borne out of the demand by our alumni network for additional support to grow their speaking skills as they kept asking the question; What Next? After successfully completing the 2-Day Programme.

The aim of the Eloquence Club is to engender knowledge sharing amongst its members in a supportive and convivial community context. The Eloquence Club is also designed to provide an opportunity for networking amongst its members. It is open to individuals and professionals from all walks of life; political class, etc. who have successfully undergone the foundational course (Speak with Power) of the School of Eloquence by open master class or by private coaching. Members are free to bring in their speaking ideas and topics for presentation to a club-friendly audience with immediate professional and non-professional feedback.

The Eloquence Club meets monthly.