Benefits of Membership

1. Free monthly training and mentoring in public speaking and personal development content – a yearlong support programme on your journey to improve your communication skills through our monthly Eloquence Club learning event held every 2nd Saturday of the month.

2. Building of high-value business and career relationships during our monthly networking sessions at the School of Eloquence.

3. Yearlong complimentary copies of the ELOQUENCE magazine.

4. Exclusive Access to the best available ideas and support for your speaking growth whether for work or for a professional speaking – through our exclusive online learning platform.

5. Opportunity to earn income of up to 10% on our “Client Recommendation Programme”.  Note: Our coaching Programmes are not cheap so a 10% referral fee would be significant.

6. On-stage exposures and gaining of real-time speaking experience through participation by members to boost their speaking confidence during our club and other School of Eloquence events.

7. Customized and prestigious Eloquence Club Loyalty Cards

8. Commemorative membership gold-plated emerald-head microphone lapel pin for conferring exclusive, members-only status.

9. Friends and family discounts of up to 10% for all our School of Eloquence public speaking masterclasses and coaching sessions.

10. Discount on use of School of Eloquence venue.

11. Advisory and support for processing of international membership of the global professional speakers body in the United States.

12. Opportunity to adopt a secondary school for support in the catch them young programme and the participation of your adopted school in the annual “ELOQUENCE CUP” senior secondary schools public speaking competition.

13. Affiliate discounts and benefits from our 3rd party partner companies and service providers ranging from travel to hospitality and education to shopping, etc.

14. Bullion Members enjoy qualified mentoring access (direct and phone) to the Dean of Eloquence annually in addition to other standard benefits.

15. Bullion members also enjoy a quarterly “Eloquence in Business Breakfast” – A high-profile Learning and Networking event at a 5-Star Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria.