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A Supportive Environment for Practicing and Improving your Public Speaking Skills

Welcome to the Eloquence Club website! We hope you enjoy browsing our website and find a lot of helpful information. 

The Eloquence Club (by subscription) is an alumni COMMUNITY of the School of Eloquence who CONNECT monthly in CONTINUITY of the advancement of their COMMUNICATION skills in a socially interactive learning environment with the informed application of the principles learned from the School of Eloquence “Speak With Power” Programme. Membership is also open to non-alums who must undergo the 2-Day Speaking Masterclass or 1-on-1 Coaching at the School of Eloquence within three months of joining.

Monthly Learning Meetings

Club members can benefit from fresh and practical insights into the art of public speaking when they take part in the monthly Eloquence Learning Events.


Public Speaking Mentorship Support

At whatever level of development members may be, they are sure to find helpful advisory support to grow and keep overcoming communication challenges at work or in social settings.

Regular Speech Practice and Feedback

Through the club’s “Get-on-Stage” sessions, members have a monthly platform to try their speaking skills before a supportive audience of experts and colleagues who provide meaningful feedback for improvement and confidence-building.